1000 excuses doesn't equal to an IT career

1000 excuses doesn't equal to an IT career

An interview with Asha Raghavan, Director & CEO at VALDE TECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED

Your academic/education [basic, professional, technical, etc]

How you got your first job and your first job experience.
I Completed +2 and took up Secretarial training for 6 months.  The day I wrote my exam I was asked to take up an interview for the position of Secretary in a private organization.  I cleared the interview and started my career as a secretary the next day.  I was just out of school and was seeing the professional world which was tough.

How did you trap better opportunities?  Difficulties/Challenges if any. Your professional growth.
We will have to be very vigilant for good opportunities.  My journey has been challenging. But I am satisfied that I have achieved a lot of objectives. There are many more milestones to cross before I can truly say that I feel completely satisfied, though. I faced the challenge of incredibility when I began my business in 1997.

Being a woman, how do you tackle men at work?
If you are really good in your work, every one would automatically give you the respect which you deserve.
What family values have been inculcated in you which brought yourself to this position?
My father was into Railways and my mother was a home maker.  They insisted that we carry out whatever task we undertake diligently.

Work life balance, your family, children
Whether it is women or men, balancing work-life is a challenge that all of us in business face. It is difficult no doubt for me to spare enough time for my family because there are just so many things to do related to my work. My husband and family give me a lot of support and it couldn’t have been possible without that. It is tougher for women no doubt as they have a particular role in the Indian family- they are the home makers. But women have this natural ability to balance and manage things deftly.

It is likely for women to travel in IT, how do you manage your family during your travel
My family is very adjustable.  They have been so supportive till date

Corporate Life or entrepreneurial life?  Which is better from your view? Advantages/Challenges in both. Any idea of becoming an entrepreneur?
Definitely Entrepreneurial life. All the professions have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, here being an Entrepreneur, I will have to be business 24x7 and nothing else would really matter.

How essential is for freshers to build their career? How can they build their career with better quality?
Today, and more than ever, most people are responsible for building their own careers.
Whether you are just starting, or you have several years of experience, these paragraphs might help you advance in the career.
Never Stop Learning
Life-long learning is the keyword.
To get a job, IT or non IT you need to market yourself. Your tech skills and training decisions are important, but if you can’t market yourself, getting a job will be an uphill task.

What job opportunities you see for IT women freshers? Tips to IT women freshers – Career, jobs, opportunities
YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. IT newcomer at zero level? Or does your career need a lift? Stop waiting for luck or fate. Enough of the excuses! You must own and drive your growth process. Are reward and fulfillment in your IT career horizon? Then banish fear and excuse. Be Wise. Provoke growth - Take risks. Seize the initiative. Connect with family, colleagues, counsellors for support and guidance. But never hand over your power. Nobody else is in charge of your movement forward. It’s your life. It’s your future. Responsibility for your growth lies with you.

Unemployment – How this great problem can be solved?
In order to eliminate this problem we have to mobilize all our energies to this great purpose without wasting time. The most essential measure is industrialization. A large number of mills, factories and industries should be set up where many of our youths will get the opportunity to work.
A great change should be brought in our education system. More importance should be given on professional, vocational and technical education. These will make a opening to work in different industrial sectors both home and abroad.
The educated youth should change their attitude to life. They must learn to choose independent career. They can start small business. In fact self employment is possible solution to this great problem. It is very effective to search jobs on various freelance websites and get desired jobs easily.
Steps should be taken to set up co-operative farming, cottage industries and to open new system of public work to create job for the unemployed people.
Exporting manpower can solve this problem to a little extent. If proper measure is taken, their number can easily be increased.

Your message to young IT women freshers.
It is very important to remember that you have it in you to do it! Do not think too much about work-life balance; just go with the flow. You need also to accept a few things in life for mental peace as that will help you focus on that which matters. Don’t be preferential in your approach. Acknowledge that you are smarter and good at managing things and just do exactly that.

1.Do Empower yourself

Career opportunities exist in many fields including: technical support, programming, web development, database and networking.Understand what empowerment means. It's about learning how to fish, instead of always depending on others. It's about resourcefulness -knowing how to dig deep and knowing where to look for answers.

2. Don't lose Focus
"A dream without a plan is a nightmare".

Planning helps you with (WHY and HOW) focusing and organizing yourself.
It is your duty to find your mission. Get your priorities right. Focus on things that matter. Avoid distractions and let the main issue be the main issue.

3. Do develop your Creative skills
Focus on creativity and not consumptionTo stand out and stay ahead in IT, you need to go beneath the surface.
Think outside the box and see how your skills can provide an answer to the need.

4. Don't neglect Service and Contribution
Technology is about service and contribution. Invest not just for passing exams but to contribute and to be of benefit to others. "We eat to live, We don't live to eat". Get deep and add value. Your value not just knowledge is your power.

5. Do grow your Network
To serve and contribute effectively in your IT career, build networks by cooperating and collaborating with others

6. Don't joke with Professionalism.
Ethics is another issue that affects value.

7. Don't Feed on the Negative
As you build your IT Career, how will you deal with unfairness, condemnation, lack of appreciation, poor support or the absence of appropriate or timely reward? Wake up from the comfort zone siesta! Can you go the extra mile?
Run with your can-do and can-bounce-back attitude.
Results may not be immediate so commitment and perseverance are critical. Believe in yourself and press on.

8. Do something now

You've got the interest, so what're you waiting for? Are you waiting to be encouraged? Don't make that mistake. Waiting for ideal or perfect?. It's your life. It's your future. 1,000 excuses doesn't equal to an IT career.
The power to shape your career is in your hands! I wish you all the best in your IT Career.