An Organization has to make a culture that champions women to play strategic roles

An Organization has to make a culture that champions women to play strategic roles

An interview Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Sankar, consultant to Steria
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Sankar, an IITian, is a consultant to Steria, providing management guidance in the area of Corporate process integration as the company is going through a UK-Europe-India Merger exercise. 

Career Forte
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi  has been associated with Steria for the last twelve years and was an active member of the Operations Board of the company. She has 23 years of IT experience in Projects, Programs, Services and has managed several Offshore Development Centres for clients in the UK, USA, Ireland, Asia-Pac.  She has set-up technology research and development centres and also managed and led the pre-sales and solutioning activities. She has managed suppliers including subcontracts to professional institutions like IIT.
Outsourcing of IT and ITES functions, Transition Programs, Project and Program Management, Service Management, Organization and business transformation in IT and ITES services, Strong in application design are her specialization areas.


Mrs. Vijayalakshmi has a Masters degree in Mathematics from IIT, Chennai and a B Ed. Degree from Annamalai University.
She has taken professional qualification certifications like Certified Information Systems Auditor and Certified Quality Auditor.

Work Life Balance
Steria (formerly Xansa), a company that was started by a group of freelance women working from their homes in the 60’s. Vijayalakshmi has stayed in her company for twelve years because they have treated her right and let her work from home, when she needs to.
She has two children and has joined both her children in BVM [Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan] school, where she studied. As an alumnus of the school, she often wondered how her children would fare in the competitive world after the stress-free environment of BVM, she says: ‘‘I interview so many youngsters for jobs in our firm. I find those who have studied in BVM are bolder and with excellent communication skills.’’  

Women Leaders are the need of the hour!
Vijayalaksmi who participates and guides lot of women in many events feels that organizations should give importance to women to play strategic roles.
“Since 2000, more women are earning more than their husbands and some families are even starting to accept having to move for a woman’s career. Typically 45 to 50% of call center employees are women. Many did not use to stay in the companies beyond their marriage or left after having their first child. However, companies such as IBM are pushing more women towards management and have 25% women among their leaders.”

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Word of advice:
“Professional consistency and getting ourselves ready to innovation are the key skills that have be developed by women.”