Good Academics could exempt you from taking aptitude test in CTS

Good Academics could exempt you from taking aptitude test in CTS

“Many IT companies came for campus in our college.  We were around 15 boys in computer science, none of us got selected. But to our surprise all 5 biomedical girls got selected!

Really? How is that possible? We all looked at Sekar. “Biotech girls look very fair”, he joked… We laughed. “Then why did they hire biotech girls for a programming job?” Sekar again insisted his point. But one thing those girls would have a CBSE academics base ... so that they could perform well, may be thats the reason they got hired…
Even if they have a CBSE base, sure the job is going to be very tough for them … with those talks, we had an interesting tea time”. A week later, we found an IT senior in CTS with a Biomedical academics background.

Ms. Anjali is from Gurgaon, She came to Vellore for her BTech Bio medical degree, as that course was not offered anywhere near her native. Initially adapting from North to South was little bit tough for Ms. Anjali as she had to put up with food and Tamil language. She made friends with some north Indians out there, slowly settled down and completed her biomedical degree. It was campus time, No recession and CTS needed 1500 people, Ms. Anjali utilized the awesome opportunity and she cracked the interview and joined CTS.

There was no written test, she directly attended the interview and got selected in campus.
Ms. Anjali had good academic percentage of more than 80 and this exempted her from taking a relatively tough CTS aptitude Test. She was given some tech training in CTS and she has acquired specialized Skill set in Data warehousing. She is working on Data warehousing projects as program analyst. Now Ms.Anjali has put about 2 Years in CTS. The only problem for her now is she is away from home and can go to her native only once in a quarter. This thirst to be near her people is prompting her to switch over to a company near her native. She is waiting for the right opportunity. Ms. Anjali meditates twice a day and her favorite food is Italian food. She says her happiest moment will be when she sees her nephew and be with her family in her native.

Ms. Anjali defines success as ability to cope up with whatever you have. She had a different background, she learnt software and is a successful IT woman working in CTS. Both her siblings are also in IT. Ms. Anjali's father a government servant should be proud indeed as all his children are in IT.