Hire more Freshers

    By admin

    Fresh things such as air, food are good for human body to lead healthy life, similarly adding freshers will help to keep an organization healthy. Adding freshers will help Organization to achieve healthy things without putting more effort such as Adapting new business plan , replacing old system, competing business challenges, eliminate unwanted things and so on.


    Few organization thinking that adding fresher will add their cost for training and underestimating their potential for immediate requirements, both are wrong. Nowadays technologies/solution are keep on changing so it is necessary for all experience/senior members to learn things to provide better results. So training/learning is needed for all employees in organization to improve their employee skills.


    Experience help one to learn new things quickly but same time interest in learning is more important. Freshers are more interested in learnings and they have 'Yes' attitude, that means they are not having any benchmark to compare the work so they never seek for protected environment. Same time organization must calculate the risk and make use of this “Yes” attitude with the help of effective planning and following it consistently.


    Freshers are real motivators for senior people. Of course they can't help in the task immediately but they will provide moral support and add clarity by asking questions even sometimes experience may fail to ask.


    It is recommended to add a bunch of fresh people every 3 to 4 years to have a healthy environment.