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AWS Cloud - You will be highly placed to find a job within the IT industry

    By admin
    AWS Cloud - You will be highly placed to find a job within the  IT industry

    Amazon Web Services, the platform itself, has been around since 2006, it has been growing exponentially and amazon invests a billion U.S dollar a year into the platform. Currently it covers 11 regions and undoubtedly Amazon winning the race to cloud and this will be pretty much default platform for the next 10 or 20 years in terms of cloud infrastructure as a service. So if you going to work in IT you really need to have an AWS qualification.


    Actually in 2003 Amazon designed their own internal infrastructure to stand up Amazon.com. They have planned to offer infrastructure as a service using this design. In the 2004 they launched first official service, which was Simple Queue Service (SQS). However it is important to realize that AWS itself wasn't officially launched until 2006. In the year 2007, there were over 180,000 developers on the platform which had the S3 platform , AC2 and SQS but only a few it doesn't look how its looks today. By 2010 all of the amazon.com had moved over onto the AWS platform. You can see how fast it's growing and why you want to learn AWS.


    AWS launched certification and there's two main certification at the moment, AWS solution Architect Associate Qualification, and DevOps certificate. Once you complete the AWS solution Architect Associate Qualification you can also move on to do the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Qualification. And if you have all the 3 qualification you will be highly placed to find a job within the IT industry.


    You can create your own AWS Account (Free Tier). AWS Free Tier is designed to enable you to get hands-on experience with AWS at no charge for 12 months. For more information about AWS Free Tier click url https://aws.amazon.com/free/