How I made money through OLX & Quikr- True Story

It all started one day, My son wanted me to buy a new bicycle. And I wanted to sell his small one and get one for him. I just posted a free add in and on the same day I was able to sell my son’s bike for 1000 Rs.I went to few cycle shops near by and enquired for a second hand bike. I found one was really good and asked how much I should pay the Cycle shop guy, He asked me to pay 1000 Rs and Take it., I took it home but my son was not happy, he asked for a new one. So I had to dispose this. A thought struck me that the cycle is good and I posted the ad in quickr but I thought that I should sell it for 1200Rs to compensate for my efforts. To my surprise I sold it that evening and pocketed Rs 200.

I thought if I can make some money out of 1 transaction, I can certainly do for more and in a span of 2 Months time, I could sell 5 More cycles and made Rs 1000.

One Product- 5 Transaction gave me 1000Rs, I can get more if I choose more products & do the same thing ( what I did for bicycle)

I told this to my friend. He said that he has given more such techniques to make money online in his book & How to get your First IT Job

With 1000Rs I made I made a mobile Recharge & used it for a whole year.

The bottom-line is We can make money through internet