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      Recession to Innovation

      Perhaps everyone wants a Job with Good package not only in the IT industry but also in every field. On a recent introduction to Mr. Venkatesan, Founder of  veggi  is never and not the same. After working with HP for 11 years he quits his Job because of recession and decided t...

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        Oracle Subquery factoring or WITH clause

        This clause used to assign a name to subquery that can be treated as temporary table and read multiple times in your main SQL query. This clause does not begin with “SELECT” and the main SELECT query has to be followed by this clause, you need to consider the subquery name as a tempor...

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          What is Log4j? Why Do we need this?

          Log4j is an open source tool given by Apache specifically designed for java projects to write/record the status of the application during its execution at various places. This is an common tool used for small to large scale Java/J2EE projects. Reason Behind the development of Log4j: While d...

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            Oracle CUBE clause

            Oracle CUBE clause is an extension of Oracle GROUP BY clause to group and aggregate at different levels in a collection of similar rows, which is similar to ROLLUP. This will return a row containing a subtotal for each field in the group along with a total for all groups. For instance you want to...

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              Convert .rpm to .deb in ubuntu

              Ubuntu allow you to install .deb (debian) files only, what you do when you have, .rpm; There is a way to convert .rpm to .deb, there is app called alien. you can get in Ubuntu Software Center or install by sudo apt-get install alien Convert Your Files: Just go to File location in termina...

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                Oracle Join clause

                Oracle Join clause used to combine records from 2 or more tables based on condition.  When the conditions are true then the joined results are produced. For instance you want to print order report as orderno, customername , paymentterm  and for customername , paymentterm  by joinin...

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                  Oracle substr & instr functions

                  Oracle substr and instr are string built in functions combined used to extract substring by locating postion. Substr helps to returns the substring and instr return the location of substring. For instance you want to print order report as orderno, custcode, areacode,refseq and for columns custcod...

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                    Oracle Union [All] clause

                    Oracle Union [All] clause used to combine 2 or more query results. Union eliminates the duplicate rows where as Union All combines all the rows. It is useful when you want to retrieve the results from 2 or more tables. For instance you want to print the order particulars report as orderno, custom...

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                      Remote Debugging

                      Remote debugging used to fix the server side application code by connecting the remotely running application with your Integrated development environment IDE. Application to be debugged would attach a socket to itself and then would listen debug instructions on that socket. For instance applic...

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                        Oracle EXTRACT Function

                        Oracle EXTRACT (Date Time) functions splits a datetime or interval expression and returns the value of the specified. It is useful for periodic analysis of data, for instance you want to do sales analysis from order data, so you need to extract order month and year from the orderdate field and cr...

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