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      Do you ponder for a few moments before answering a question? Do you invade others personal space? Beware, your Body Language says who you are!

      There is an intimate zone reserved for lovers, children and close family members. There is another zone used for conversations with friends, to chat with associates, and in group discussions; a further zone is reserved for strangers, newly formed groups, and new acquaintances; and a fourth zone i...

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        How are you supposed to shake hands with Women in corporate or social setting?

        The widely held position was that where male/female shaking is concerned, the man always waited for the woman to extend her hand, otherwise he wouldn't know whether or not she wanted to shake hands. Nowadays in a social setting you are free to extend your hand and a warm smile to both peer...

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          Hand Shake is a custom that started in Egypt in 2800 BC! Are you doing it the right way? Check out...

          A handshake is more than just a greeting. It is also a message about your personality and confidence level. In Interviews and discussions, a handshake is an important tool in making the right first impression. 1. Begin With an Oral Introduction of Yourself Before extending your hand, intr...

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            HR's Look How You Dress During the Interviews?

            Fresher: Is it right for the HRs to look at how we dress during the interviews?   HR Professional: Personality and looks play an important role not just in an interview but anywhere when you meet people. Personality shows how you carry yourself, your dress sense for the occasion, your...

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              Job seeker should know the interview etiquette. Why?

              In India, IT is mass revenue making industry and the projects are coming from America, UK, Australia and various parts of the world. In Interview HR needs the best candidate for their company to work in global business. The employees not only require investments of time and money, but also are th...

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                How to clear GD round?

                While attending a group discussion job seekers basically share their knowledge on a particular subject. Group discussions, help a job seekers gain confidence and this would help them present their ideas in front of a large number of gathering. Such discussions, makes the job seekers more extrover...

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                  Important in interviews

                  "You may have heard that you only have a few seconds to make a first impression," says Bernard Marr, an author and global enterprise performance expert, in a recent LinkedIn post. But the truth is, the other person's brain has made up its mind (so to speak) about a you "within ...

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