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      Simple GUI Programming in Qt

      More on: Simple GUI Programming: Let start with a simple gui application in Qt. Let start with Qt Designer, then step-up with c++ coding. This Gui application is Code Free. Just Drag and Drop Tutorial. Qt is Powerful Application...

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        9 Q&A About Array

        1. What is an array ? Ans. An array is a collection of data of same data type referenced under one common name. 2. What is the need for an array ? Ans. 1 The datas are stored in continuous memory location.        2 The elements are referred under one name with ...

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          Front End & Back End

          What Is Front End The Front End is the part of the application you can see and interact with. It is generally the User Interface of applications. It takes the user input required to run the program. HTML, VB etc., are used to write front end programs What is Back End The Back End is the ...

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            How to use hints to tune the SQL ?

            Oracle provides an increasing number of methods for changing the execution plans for your SQL. Among the most common tools for tuning SQL statements are hints. A hint is a code snippet that is embedded into a SQL statement to suggest to Oracle how the statement should be executed to improve the e...

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