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      Read this, if your interview success rate is below 25%

      ...r employed in a Chennai based IT company.I have attended over 40 Interviews in the career span of...years. I was successful in 10 Interviews. My Success rate is 2...n my resume that I can attend interviews on Saturday and Sundays. I wa...nel that the hard copy I had with me was an old resume (1 year) and wa...

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        Do not know how to overcome interview fear?-Sip little water

        Some of us are nervous or with a bit of fear when we go for an exa...ling before. Practice mock interviews - Practice giving mock interviews, Speak in front of a web cam,...nbsp;   Being positive - Whenever you go for an interview...

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          Stick on to your Passion like a Tattoo

          "If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing  then success will be yours. One such women who has great passion for her work is MARY KOSHY. She has 20+ years of experience . She is now working as a general manager in EXTREME NETWORKS. She a...

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            Pressure Free Time Pass

            Many working women quit their job to take care of their kids.  But few out of hundred women turn entrepreneurs after quitting their job. Ms. Deepa Aravind is one of those few. Ms. Deepa is an engineering graduate from PSG College Coimbatore and has worked in Europe for about 4 Years. Her ski...

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