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      Does UML compulsory for software development?

      UML stands for Unified Modeling Language used for specifying, visualizing, constructing and documenting the elements of software requirements. The advantages of UML are controls system architecture, communicate desired structure and expected behavior to project members/customers, managing risk an...

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        About UML

        The Unified Modeling Language is a graphical language for visualizing, specifying, constructing and documenting the artifacts of a software system. visualizing is a picture that worth a thousand words; a graphical notation articulates and unambiguously communicates the overall view of the syste...

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          Structural Model in UML

          In Building Architectural design drawings that indicate the size of a planned building, the materials to be used in its construction and the placement of its features. Architects use blueprints and written specifications to communicate to construction workers how the building is to be construct...

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            Class Diagram in UML Structural modeling

            Class diagram is one of the UML Structural model and it is at the heart of UML. Already we discussed about UML, that is unified modeling language uses graphic notation to create visual models of software systems. Here, uml classifies in to three they are structural, behavioral and architectural...

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              List of 10 Diagram Types user for software service

              There are various diagram types used for modeling technique that creates a graphical representation of different categories entities, components, activities, blocks, use case, workflow, data flow, process flow and the relationship between these categories, within an information system managemen...

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                Deployment Diagram in UML Structural Modeling

                In UML, deployment diagrams is the physical architecture of a system. Deployment diagrams display the relationships between the software and hardware components in the system. It represent the physical resources in a system including nodes, components, and connections. In this situation, Probably...

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                  Composite Diagram in UML structural modeling

                  In UML models, it has few structural diagrams and the Composite diagram is one of them. A composite structure diagram shows the internal structure of structured classifiers by using parts, ports, and connectors. A structured classifier defines the implementation of a classifier and can include a ...

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                    Package Diagram in UML Structural Modeling

                    Package diagram is UML structure diagram which shows packages and dependencies between the packages. First, we need understand what is package?, It represents a group of model elements and/or diagrams. Package diagrams are used to reflect the organization of packages and their elements. When it u...

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                      Activity Diagram in UML Behavioral Modeling

                      In the Unified Modeling Language, the behavioral modeling that shows dynamic nature of the system and it describes the interaction in the system. The Behavioral diagram consists three important diagram they are Activity diagram, interaction diagram and use case diagram. Click this link, to know m...

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                        UML Interaction Diagram

                        Activity diagram, Use Case diagram are the two kinds of diagrams used in the UML for modeling the dynamic aspect of systems. Activity diagram we have already discussed in previous blog refer this link The Use Case...

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