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      Rust Programing Language – Introduction

      Rust a New programming language yet to launch officially by end of 2013. The language grew out of a personal project by lead developer Graydon Hoare in 2006. The first release of alpha made in 2012 January. Now Samsung and Mozilla involved to develop RUST, and launched RUST 0.6, by end of 20...

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        Beginners Linux Introductions

        Beginners Linux Introductions             Linux is an operating system formed from open source foundation. Linux become more familiar today, there are many reason behind it. Advantage of Linux,   Linux Combination of GUI &am...

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          Kernel Architecture:

                                                         User Space }{ Termin...

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            Beginning to QT

            Beginning to QT   13 Apr 2013   | Advance Qt Programing Tags: Linux Programing Beginning to QT: Is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface (GUI) (in which cases Qt is classified a...

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