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      If you want to get job, be bold and confident!

      An interview with Umadevi, Software developer at Mahindra Satyam   Career Path   Umadevi works as a Software developer with two years of experience at Mahindra Satyam. She got this job after enrolling a mainframe course in CSN Technology. She joined this course immediately ...

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        I think women give their best in the initial stages of their career

        Vijayalakshmi Rao is a graduate in Maths and has an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad. (Viji) has almost 27 years of experience in Knowledge Management and consulting, and holds the position of Director and Chief Operating Officer at Scope e-Knowledge Center. In her twelve year tenure with scope, Rao has p...

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          Do you know when you will get hired?

          Whenever job opportunity arises, wake up and start to prepare for the interview.  Create chance for employer to know about your skills, knowledge, and strengths that put you ahead of others. While you attend interview, present yourself to your best advantage. Make sure that your appearance i...

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            Are you a Final year student ? Brand your Skills

            While studying in college, you have the best chance to get started with a good career. Self branding is an area where job seeker fails to show up right from college campus itself. They are neither active in Knowledge forums nor social networks. Interestingly job seeker should know that self brand...

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          • A platform to identify your skills !

            A platform to identify your skills !

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            Skills are essential to fetch you an IT job. When you are provided with a platform to identify and Improve them, you should make use of them and grow in your career. A job seeker is sharing about how important is First planet to help you improve...
          • Entrepreneurship skills into light !

            Entrepreneurship skills into light !

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            Entrepreneurs give light to the Nation because they contribute to the development for the country. Such entrepreneurs are brought into light through First planet. Know more about it through this video.
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              National Skills Registry - by NASSCOM

              i just found out that NASSCOM in India has started a National "Skills" registry where it is trying (and succeeding) to register all IT employees in India. Many big companies have already joined this registry meaning their employees' information is in this db already! The reason f...

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