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  • We learned what is a Software?

    We learned what is a Software?

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    If you want to improve your performance, you need a feedback. Without feedback, you're limited only to your perspective. In this video, Training feedback for JAVA Training is presented in such a way to broaden your views and to give you a new...
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      Build a Portable Android-based Raspberry Pi Station

      Transforming a bare-bones Raspberry Pi into a fully-functional portable station is a popular pastime among enterprising users, and you can easily find instructions on how to build a Kindleberry Pi, aKindleberry Wireless, and even a Raspberry Pi Linux laptop. But if you happen to use an ...

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        Advantage of Developer testing

            Many new developers thinking that they are responsible only for software development and testing team is responsible for software quality, but actually it is not correct. Developers are the primary response for the quality of software and testing team is to check the product w...

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