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      SQL mistakes - Rounding Issue, value mismatch

      Rounding issue is one of the major issue in the reporting. The report calculation results must match with the actual value. Rounding error is the difference between a rounded-off numerical value and the actual value. For instance, there is an invoice with multiple payments; as per applicati...

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        Keywords in Oracle SQL Tuning

        SQL Tuning is the ways to improve database system performance. Before entering deep into the SQL Tuning, we should understand the keywords using in SQL Tuning. Now, let us see few keywords and its explanations which occurs in Oracle SQL Tuning. DBA : Database Administrator is a person respo...

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          Managing SQL in Java Application

          There are many ways to manage SQL statement such as hard-coding in Data Access objects (DAO), storing in separate files (properties/xml), using metadata driven i.e., Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) example hibernate etc, embedded with SQLJ and writing in stored procedure. Each method has its own ...

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            How to use hints to tune the SQL ?

            Oracle provides an increasing number of methods for changing the execution plans for your SQL. Among the most common tools for tuning SQL statements are hints. A hint is a code snippet that is embedded into a SQL statement to suggest to Oracle how the statement should be executed to improve the e...

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              Balance the SQL Workload

              Performance tuning is an important part of today's database applications. Very often, large savings in both money and time can be achieved with proper performance tuning. DBA/Developer's can accomplish Sql tuning in the following ways they are, Reduce the workload, balancing the workload,...

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                Cumulative value in Oracle SQL

                The calculation of cumulative column for one or more columns by partition with one or more columns can be achieved as follows Consider we have following records in sale table Customer            Product     ...

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                  Calculating column using previous record

                  The calculation of column using previous record columns can be achieved in oracle SQL. This will be useful for writing advanced   business intelligence queries. The following example queries explain how to calculate a column using previous records. Consider we have following rec...

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                    Accumulate column value using preceding records

                    The calculation of column using preceding records can be achieved in oracle SQL. This will be useful for business analysis queries. The following example queries explain how to calculate a column using preceding records. Consider we have following records in prodsale table Year  &...

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