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      It's the drive inside you can get an IT job. Not the degree!

      I feel womenstatus initiative is a must for college goers. Actually freshers don't know what is happening in the IT industry. You are helping  freshers telling them, “These are the things to learn, See people who have reached with difficulties, You can get some lessons from that&...

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        BE Non-IT. Native village. Can't speak English. Can still shine in IT :)

        "Till now I am doing senior software engineer role only and I didn't go beyond that. One way if you say, purposely I don't want to take higher roles. It is difficult to manage my work and personal life. I need to contribute more for family. If I try, I can become a project manager or...

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          Hard work and confidence - Key to success

            Ms. Shobha works as a SYSTEMS ENGINEER in TCS, Siruseri. She shares her experiences about her career life with Women Status. Beliefs Her father and mother are retired government servants and her elder brother is an marine engineer. Everyday she spends 4 hours in traveling and she ...

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            ஒரு பொன்னு நினைச்சா சாதிக்கலாம்

            வொர்க் அட் ஹோம்னு சொல்வாங்கள்ல? அது மாதிரி வீட்ல இருந்தபடியே  எப்படி ஒரு பெண்ணால தன்னுடைய குடும்பத்தையும் பார்த்துக்கிட்டு, தனக்குத் தேவையான வருமானத்தையும் தேடிக்க முடியும்... எப்படி இரண்டையும் பேலன்ஸ் பண்ண முடியுங்கிறதுக்கு முன்னுதாரனமா கடந்த பதினைந்து வருடமா ஐ.டி. பீல்ட்ல வீட்டிலிருந்தபடிய...

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              Learn Develop Perform

              - An interview with Sharmila Gautama, Entrepreneur, Sharmila as a business consultant plays many roles as a Trainer, Instructional Designer and Learning Strategist. Holding a Masters in English Literature, Sharmila is certified by City and Guilds, UK in International Train...

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                Pressure Free Time Pass

                Many working women quit their job to take care of their kids.  But few out of hundred women turn entrepreneurs after quitting their job. Ms. Deepa Aravind is one of those few. Ms. Deepa is an engineering graduate from PSG College Coimbatore and has worked in Europe for about 4 Years. Her ski...

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                  1000 excuses doesn't equal to an IT career

                  An interview with Asha Raghavan, Director & CEO at VALDE TECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED Your academic/education [basic, professional, technical, etc] M.Sc[IT],M.B.A How you got your first job and your first job experience. I Completed +2 and took up Secretarial training for 6 months. ...

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                    For entrepreneurship Guts and Determination matters and not English medium school

                    Mrs. Kalyani Narayanan, Owner at ICM Solutions and Principal Officer / CEO at brings more than 25 years of worldwide experience in IT. Her entrepreneurial career has many inputs for today's young entrepreneurship aspirants. Ms. Kalyani Narayanan basically studi...

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                      7 years and going strong with the very First IT job!

                      Given a responsibility, handling it end to end is her style. Hear from Shanmuga Priya, Team Leader at Reflexis Systems Inc., Pune. First IT Job: Shanmuga Priya is an Computer Science Engineering graduate from SSN College of Engineering, Chennai. Shanmuga Priya got her first job with Reflexis ...

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                        “Carefully analyse and choose your dream career and be financially independent” are the two mantras for career women

                        An interview with Kavitha, Corporate IT Trainer, Temenos                                      Carefully analyse a...

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