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      India Needs More Satori

      India Needs More Satori Dr.Ambedkar says “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved” So every woman progress counts to be a successful nation. When you read the below article of a woman entrepreneur, it is sure you will feel proud and...

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        Coffee with Aarthi, Assistant Manager in Polaris, Chennai

        Aarthi is an MBA graduate from PSG institute of management. She is basically from Coimbatore. Currently she is working as an Assistant manager in Polaris, Chennai. She has 3+ years of experience in IT industry. How did she get her first IT Job? How was her first experience in IT career? Aar...

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          “Owing responsibility and team work are the basic principles that can bring any work to success”

          An Interview with Nirupa Narayanan, Business Analyst, TCS chennai. About Me : I never dreamt of "Nirupa Narayanan, an engineering student" because i always wanted to be associated with science meaning pure science to my knowledge as when I was in my schooling. Besides this science, fi...

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            Degree is just to a certain degree. Agree or Disagree?

            There exists lot of gap in terms of expectations in people getting the graduation now and then says WSRaiser Anitha Rajesh, Director, HCL. "Universities are producing a large number of mere pass-outs, not anywhere near the world standards!" Earlier till 1998, the quality of people who j...

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              Enable first - job mind - set settings

              Interesting tips from WsRaiser Anitha Rajesh, Director, HCL Don't have any preset ideas when you join an organization. Don't restrict yourself like "I will not do testing or migration projects, I will do only development projects". Be open, even if it is te...

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                It's the drive inside you can get an IT job. Not the degree!

                I feel womenstatus initiative is a must for college goers. Actually freshers don't know what is happening in the IT industry. You are helping  freshers telling them, “These are the things to learn, See people who have reached with difficulties, You can get some lessons from that&...

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                  BE IT my 50th interview! HEWIT my 1st job!

                  “For me job is very important, since I am from middle class family. I struggled much to get my first job. Many of my batch-mates are still searching for a job” - Sarala devi, Business analyst, Xerox (Formerly Accumulative system acquired by Xerox), 6 plus years of experience talks wit...

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                    BE Non-IT. Native village. Can't speak English. Can still shine in IT :)

                    "Till now I am doing senior software engineer role only and I didn't go beyond that. One way if you say, purposely I don't want to take higher roles. It is difficult to manage my work and personal life. I need to contribute more for family. If I try, I can become a project manager or...

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                      Close The Business. Back To Work With Pride. Possible?

                      Some people will quit their business to take up a Job and Ms. Uma Natarajan is one of them. Ms.Uma completed her MBA specializing in IT, her friends who did MBA her saw her software skills and inspired her to take up software. In many interviews age was not on her side but her determination and a...

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                        Hey! Got in MNC campus. Can I clear On-the-job-training exams?

                        An Interview with Pooja, Senior-Implementation Coordinator, Wipro   “Now my current role? I am a house wife... great mother! Ha ha ha ... ", laughs Pooja, who left her 6 years of IT life @ MNC. "I was into senior implementation coordinator and little time period later, pres...

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