My Secret of Success

Achievement is a honest endeavor, persistent effort to do the best possible under any circumstances. This suits better for Mrs. Sumitra Seshan, she is a women of excellence. She is the CEO of FIFTH GENERATION TECHNOLOGIES, India. She has over fifteen years of experience in leading business marketing strategy operation. Success story of Mrs. Sumitra Seshan is inspiring and we should try to implement the same in our lives.

Mrs. Sumitra Seshan comes from a middle class family. She did her engineering in INSTRUMENTATION CONTROL ENGINEERING from BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY, Coimbatore. After completing her engineering, she did research in IIT MADRAS as a PROJECT ASSOCIATE. Getting into IIT has been a dream for many of us, but she made her dream come true. Her first job in IIT is something to be appreciated. She was given MILITARY RELATED PROJECTS. She gained a lot of knowledge from this opportunity. She got married and went to Canada. Marriage was never a barrier for her to put her talents down. She wrote GMAT and joined MBA, got into UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, ROT MAN SCHOOL OF BUSSINESS MANAGEMENT. She did her MBA in MARKETING AND MIS (Management Information System). She was employed in the same university in which she studied and also worked as a CONSULTANT in various projects.

Her primary focus was always on writing business proposals, business plans for companies and technology transfer to countries. She and her husband decided to come back to Pune, India. She wrote to many Pune based companies and secured the position as the head of business project range in KIRLOSKAR CONSULTANTS. After working there for some time she joined FINOLEX CABLE SYSTEMS as a MARKETING ANALYST. As an analyst she coordinated with marketing executives, sales officers, distributors and dealers throughout India.

She moved to Chennai for family reasons but continued to work for Finolex cables from Chennai for more than a year. She has a very supportive husband and children. “Family is like the branches in a tree, they grow in different directions but their roots remain as one”. One needs to be blessed by god to have a supportive family. Her husband started a company,“ FIFTH GENERATION TECHNOLOGIES” and she joined him in the year 2000. It serves as a IT development software company. They have split the company into two parts, one is to develop for their own products and the other is to develop products for others. Their main focus is on quality and research. They don't believe in volume gain but in margin gain. The prime reason for them to come back to India was to develop some kind of research. Their company has started attracting good talented people to work for them. In 2009, they were awarded one of the best among 50 technology companies in India and among 500 technology companies in Asia. They were not funded by banks, so they had to invest money for the growth of their company. Capital has always been a struggle for them. Unless otherwise one learns to manage cash and the company very well, it very difficult to get through the big challenges and sustainability becomes a very big task.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strength. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. Her strength is that she always believes in working together rather than an individual. Her weakness is that she is not being an assertive person. She says that more women have this problem. Being assertive elevates women to greater heights.

Being busy does not always mean real work. The product of all work is production or accomplishment and either of these ends there must be forethoughts, planning, system, intelligence and honest purpose as well as perspiration. Seeming to do is not doing. Mrs. Sumitra Seshan is one who plans and works out the plan very well. Women can do wonders if they plan out their work. Work life balance can be made simpler by just planning and working it out. There are people who plan but fail in executing the plan, you need to have determination and self-control for executing the plan. One should find their own rhythm for their work life balance. Mrs. Sumitra wakes up by 4'O clock in the morning and completes all her office job by 6'O clock and shifts to household tasks. She says when your child moves to school you always have time to devote for your official/career related work. She says get up early in the morning and finish what you are supposed to do that day.

She advices freshers to be firm, assertive and express themselves well. She says, "The most important thing to be implemented to a youngster is work-ethics. If you know your goal and good in work-ethics then you will never go wrong. Everything else can be thought. Punctuality is a value which is depleting in youngsters. If you keep a deadline, you got to keep up to it. When you feel, you are not successful is when you have not realized your potential and work. Youngsters need to know how to use anger as a tool. They should be able to manage anger and their stress level. Always try to get the best from each person and try to implement it in your lives so that you would emerge in beautiful colors.” We are very thankful for Mrs.Sumitra seshan for sharing her success story with womenstatus. We hope that many job seekers will be inspired by her success story, achieve in life and make our country proud.