Chitra Natarajan – 28 years experience

About her...

Courage is esteemed as the first of human qualities. It is one such quality which guarantees all others. Mrs. Chithra Natarajan is a women packed with a bunch of values. She has got 28 years of experience in working. She has 5years of experience in HCL technologies and since 3 years, she is working in SYNTEL software. She serves as a great example for freshers because she proved that one can get into IT irrespective of their field of study. We can also apply her morals in our life which will definitely elevate our career. A person without life is on level pegging with the one without goal. She is a person who works for her interest and passion. People with such values can never be shaken. Mrs. Chithra Natarajan is from the background of research and development. She has pursued her Doctorate in physics and mathematical application at Vikram Sara institute in humnabad. She didn't depend on her parents after graduation. She proved her to be a luminous student and did all the other courses in scholarships and fellowships.

She says, “ I am very much passionate about teaching. I can teach any subject like statistics, physics, maths etc but not computer science. I was the vice president of SHANKARA NAETHRALA. I designed the curriculum for physics and was paid 6000 Rs. at that time itself”

Work Life Balance

She got married, and gave birth to a girl child. Now her daughter is doing a management course in the US. Her husband is also a physicist. She and her husband, who were scientists were given fellowship to do research in Europe but they were not able to take their child with them because the small girl was not eligible. Chithra's parents took care of her child. And they used to visit their child every year. It was a very complicated situation because it is very hard for a mother to leave her child behind. But they were able to handle this situation with strong will power and self determination. They did a lot of development and code generation during that fellowship. They both were able to reap a lot of knowledge in numerical and computational part in post research. This fostered her career in IT. How long can she be away from her daughter? As a mother she also wanted to take care of her child and balance her life so she wanted to shift to IT. And so she returned to INDIA. She came back to INDIA, her daughter was a small child at the time. so the challenges of work and managing home and her daughter was her main picture. She managed it with the help from her mother.

Shifting from Science to IT?

Her career started with Vector software company (formerly called as lazen company) as the middle manager. She faced a lot of challenges in IT since her background was in science and research. There were many complications in her work but she was able to overcome it with her will power which acts as a energy booster for her success. Long hours of dedication and focus also supported her. After 5 years, she got bored with her job because she was not satisfied with her job. She wanted to learn something new like hard code, software engineering and processes so that would help her gain experience and facing new challenges was of great interest for her. Then through a job consultancy call, she moved to Intemt software and worked there for 3 years. At that time, IT companies couldn't sustain themselves because they didn't get any business and so she decided not to work under any small companies. Then she moved into HCL TECHNOLOGIES and she learnt a lot of technical work. For 5 years, she worked in that company.

She says, “HCL technology is a very huge organization, where you won’t be counted at all.. I always want to add value to an organization and bring change but more than that I want to have the satisfaction of contributing something to the organization so I was not fully happy with the kind of work I was doing.” Then she migrated to SYNTEL software. This move made her feel better because she was able to contribute something to the organization. She had a sense of relief that she was able to bring some change to that environment and so she was happy with that. In SYNTEL she feels more satisfied than her past. She is liberal with her women team members because they will be having a small kid back at home. Women play many role in a family so she should be given a flexibility which would make her feel comfortable about her work and do it happily.


Daily Routines
I wake up early in the morning. For a couple of hours I do yoga and Asanams. Before 8.30 I would complete all my household work. I have a cook to help me in cooking. Then my work starts by 9 or 10 in the morning and will leave by 8.30 in the evening.



For any recruitment, one should have a first class and good communication skills. Most important of all is internal value system includes honesty, integrity, commitment, affection and should stand by their strength. A principle and value based person may not have a great job but if they are able to give value to their job then the career will progress by itself. You should be able to say what is right and what is wrong, never compromise in honesty and integrity. You shouldn’t be aggressive but be assertive. Don’t try to prove anything, be yourself.

“Nothing will work unless you do” - Maya Angelou (influential author, poet)