There is no such job in IT which a woman cannot do!

“There is no such job in IT which a woman cannot do” says Mrs. Sangeetha Sam, Manager at Polaris Software Lab Ltd, Chennai

Education & Career

Sangeetha hold a Physics Degree though Mathematics is the subject she is crazy about! She wanted to do a specialization in Maths Master's Degree, which is still her dream. She did her schooling in Madhya Pradesh and then moved to Chennai for her college studies.

Sangeetha might not be lucky in getting through the campus placements but was lucky to get into a job all by herself. Her first job was at Aptech limited for a brief period of 8 months. She then move to work as a HR with Rajakrishna Murthy Associates which gave her a lot of knowledge about being HR and handling people. She then went onto pursue her Masters Degree in HR and currently she is with Polaris as a HR manager.


Always strive to give the best is the success mantra of Sangeetha. She says, “anything you present or do, just think for a moment whether you would like to receive such a quality? you shouldn’t do work as if your doing it for somebody. You should do it as if your doing it for yourself. Always put yourself in others shoes so that you can bring the best kind of quality.

In every profession there are ups and downs. She had also undergone such situations where she struggled a lot and couldn't perform well. “It may be because of other people working with us or may be myself. But there were lot of wonderful people who helped me to bring out my hidden talent.” says Sangeetha with gratitude.

Family Life

Sangeetha has two kids and like most working women she gets to spend good time with her family during the weekends. She and her husband had made it a point that the children learn to be independent right from their young age.

Message to IT freshers

As a HR with 10 years experience Sangeetha says the following are three major observations done for selection in an interview.

  • How the candidate presents him/herself
  • Communication skills
  • Actual need for the job, interests & passion

For Women she says, plenty of jobs are now available and that they should keep learning always.

Her advice to Women - “Be clear with what exactly you want to do and tap the right resources.