Young women should take up a job for learning and not for money

Shobana Madhavan is working as a PMP Coordinator for Proxalt Asia, a USA based company. She and her husband are the partners of the company, along with one more person. She was born and brought up in Chennai. There is no gender like difference in her childhood with her younger brother and his friends were supportive. During schooling she participated in many cultural activities. In College, she took Sociology as a main subject, volunteered for UNESCO, Those days she interviewed many people all over Tamil Nadu as UNESCO volunteer, she is one among 5 candidate, who got selected by UNESCO.

She got the job through campus recruitment. She is a postgraduate in public administration and have got 15 to 20 year of experience. She employed at National Institute Of Information Technology (NIIT), started in the reception, then moved on to student counsellor, placement assistant, recruitment and placement executive, basically for a first few months she had a tough time because she did not know what computer is, it was during 1980s. On job she really had to struggle, she learned from various people, she is talking about the time computer is no where existing, that myriad time at computer made her as a work savvy. NIIT thought her how to be a good person rather than how to work hard and showed her various ways.  She learned a lot with colleagues and felt initiative that she can do and contribute more. She always thinks it as an enjoyable experience in NIIT. On sharing ten years experience in NIIT, she said they had parties on lot of Saturdays and Sundays and at that age they enjoyed it. Learning wise she learned almost everything there, how to market, how to meet people, how to be with them, learned people management, how to be friendly and how to be good and bad. On talking about challenges at NIIT, she felt marketing is always a challenge, they should know how to handle the situation and how to do well is always a challenge. Only through challenges they can achieve the target. Her boss understands her strength, gave her time to learn and guided her.

She quit from NIIT and went to advance technology lab as HR manager and worked there for almost a year and quit because of timing as she had to take care of her daughter. Later, she joined as HR in a USA based company, VED software services. As a recruiter, they employed 100 people in 2000. She felt difficult to balance personal life, so she took a break.

She and her husband along with another business partner, collectively setup the Project Management Institute, Proxalt Asia. She is a coordinator for training centers in India. They train aspirants for Project Management all over India on weekends. They have been doing this for past six years. They take training for corporate batches in India, Middle-East, US. She takes care of Marketing and Operations in India. She feels proud to be part of people happiness, which turns out to be important part in her life time. When they started Proxalt, the challenges they faced at initial stages as she said  first two to three months, they had to understand the product, learnt with confidence on how to market it, know competetiors and then had no issues. Since her husband is the partner, she doesn't take advantage of work scenario, gave sincere effort. At early stages in Proxalt, she got to learn marketing strategies and competitor offerings. As she said they put their sincere effort in making the people aware of project management with excellent training for 15000 rupees and helping them to get through the exam. Thus they lead as steads in the competitions.

They have registered office in Chennai, conduct camps in hotels across India, conduct training in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Goa. She selects people, guides and assists them for exam registrations and getting their certificates. She does not travel much, she takes care of the business from home. They have a team of 10 trainers with experience of over 15 years, specialized in teaching methodology with their commitment they achieved high pass percentage, that remains  their main strength. Years back at NIIT, she is aware of Marketing challenges in the business, what the competitors offer, how to compare and analyze oneself. Being a coordinator of her husband owned company, her goal is to make Proxalt the best training institute and made it to the best. They have to start before a month from the commencement of classes , talk about their product offerings, services, it sets a  pressure on her, To ease it she spends time with her daughter or eat something or take break and relax.

Since some people fail in their Exam, she talks to them and finds out the reason, that led to the continuous improvement of the business with sustainable growth.

Her daily routine starts at 4 or 4:30 in the morning till 11:30 at night, she need to manage people, cooking and her family. Her busy hour is usually after 11:00 at night, since she gets call from US.  she thanks her husband for motivation . Her strength is, she listens to people and advise them, so whenever they have a problem they can come back and discuss with her, especially the candidates who  register feel comfortable with her, she guides them not as professional but as a very intimate person.

She points out, women have got lot of job opportunities. Some women want to be at home and work from home. Actually nobody guides them, whether they go to office or work from home, this dilemma creates a blank space and cannot balance the life with the family in their thirties. Some women say they don't know anything else., but she knows what benefits people. She advises women, to take up a job, even if they earn less, balance the life that is what everyone wants.

The family value that she inculcate since childhood is responsibility to hold the people who brought her to this position and seeing them happy about it. On talking about her daughter, she spend some time after the school as she come, because she also don't have much time because of her home work and other stuffs, now a days kids are busy, with their SMS, facebook, twitter, we cant blame them but it is part of life that how we should take and I used to talk with her about, what happened in school because you know we should know what is happening in school, what her friends are doing, you really get to know what is present in people , especially younger generation.

on her message to young women is to take up the job for learning and not for money, learning  the job takes them really high in life and they should sit in the one job for at-least 3 years, only then they will be able to perform well in their next job.

She believes in next five to ten years things will work well with her, quoting health and everything around her is good. till her daughter take a lead position she will help her husband and do training and take up social work. She  also plans to start up other trainings. It was great to Interview Ms. Shobana Madhavan and we  thank her for sharing her experience.