Discipline and sticking to commitments are significance values

An interview with RamaSivaraman_PartnerandGlobalheadQuality_Polaris HouseSignificance Of Values

It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through”, it is true and you will feel the same when you read the below article of an Interview with Rama Sivaraman, Partner and Global Head- Performance Excellence, Polaris Software Lab, who Manages the Global Quality, HR and Training Functions across India and rest of the world.



     Certified Function Point Specialist and a Certified Quality Analyst
     Trained as an examiner for the Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award (RBNQA) Model.
     Convener of WG10 ISO India Mirror Committee (IMC) and represents India at the International Meetings
     Co-editor of 15508-4 the new process assessment model for IT service management
     Presented several papers at the prestigious Global SEPG conferences organized by the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

     Spoken at several forums like NASSCOM meet at Chennai, Chennai SPIN, and Woman in IT conference of CSI, and many other similar key conferences.
  Vice President of eWIT committee

On the move

Rama shared her work experience of those days where she went through a gradual transition from mainframe to where we are today. She says “it is difficult part of programming to very easy part of programming happening today where as applications are getting complex today. Nowadays applications are hosted on multiple servers, placed physically in locations across the world so complexity in building such applications, testing, integrating is different from those days. Those days there were no project management evolved they had planned work intuitively and did lot of things in a methodical way and got things out on time. They didn’t have large teams for development, so it was lot easier to manage because within smaller teams you can have more interactions and have meeting and discuss and do that is not the case today.” She also added that those days people joined IT passionately not for money, but nowadays many people from various engineering group are joining IT with or without interests because of its good career. “those days in terms of IT career that is nothing called IT career as it was we had interest in programming, we got into it” Says Rama.

Zoom in

Rama Sivaraman was very much excited when she entered into Quality Assurance role in DSQ. She feels “it is difficult to do this role if one has not worked as a developer earlier or a project manager earlier because when you talk something out of a book then it becomes a problem”. She was the Quality head of a Chennai for city corp overseas software Ltd in 1999 then after Polaris acquired that company in 2002, she took the role of Process Consulting head which means offering the same services to prospects and clients of Polaris, and in 2008 she took over position Saudi Global head of quality. She had implemented tools, travelled extensively to various banks across Europe, and US, learned various culture, certified in various process.

Balance at work

She is getting good support from her family, her husband is also having busy schedule but she gets support from him incase of travel and long working hours. Since both of them are busy they spend little time for domestic work. “Discipline and sticking to commitments are very critical and I keep insisting on these things even in early childhood in school. So if you have an assignment to complete on particular day it is very important that you have plan ahead and do it. I think these are significant values that I have maintained over these years” says Rama Sivaraman.


Rama Sivaraman advised that IT working women shouldn't get scared by any of the roadblocks that comes by, because they will pass, “it is just a passing phase and they have to work with either family or with the office or with extended support through others, could be maids, right cooks, etc.. They should try and solve these problems at home rather than giving up, I know it is difficult but if they hang on for some time they can cross over and manage both.” she says.

For IT women who are coming back after a break her advice is to look at other jobs which could be technical writing or testing or quality assurance rather than getting into development, where technology is the main factor and then they can get into the technology later when they feel comfortable.

Rama Sivaraman is blessed with 2 children and her strength is high degree of conviction in whatever she does and get into details to the sufficient level.