Don't give up, keep learning- IVY John, Director BarryWehmiller

Ms. IVY john has got about 30 years of experience in IT, she started her IT career when there was no internet and now she is the global delivery head of BarryWehmille . Basically Ms. Ivy john is a postgraduate in physics and was writing small programs to do her physics calculations. Ms.Ivy went to many schools and said that she can write programs and teach the students. She taught the students how to use computer and how to write simple programs.
 Over a period of few years she learnt, C, FORTRAN and COBOL. She also obtained certification in those languages. In those days many had computer phobia and people who knew how to do typing in computer were offered Jobs in companies. Ms. Ivy with certification was offered a professional software engineer job in Nucleus Software. This clearly shows that companies preferred certified people even in those days.
Ms. Ivy worked on banking project, a database application and learnt banking industry process. She said that there was no internet or email facility those days and there were only meetings and desk conversations in workstations on projects. She said they will start at morning 9’O clock and will leave for the day only after finishing the job. Flexibility in work timings was also there based on individual's requirements. Over a period of 6 years Ms.Ivy learned and worked on finance, retail, aerospace and embedded technology projects. She left Nucleus software and worked in an IT company in Delhi for 4 years after which she joined HCL at Chennai.
Ms. Ivy worked and was responsible to start the offshore development centre for automotive industry practice in HCL. She also created skill sets and capabilities to attract more customers in that industry vertical.


On leadership
Ms.Ivy says that Leadership is something that is not given, it is like what you do, you can take the lead and do the work and she added that if you take the ownership, then you become the leader. She said as leader one should inspire people by sharing success stories and interacting with them at micro level.
"A true leader is the person who inspires you to do, what you want to do and not pushing you to work. A leader helps you create the environment" said Ms. Ivy on Leadership. Obviously Ms. Ivy being a natural leader has provided the right insights on Leadership.

Message to women
Ms. Ivy said that it is not that people pick up skills as they grow and it is actually choosing one's education path and it is how rigorous you build your skill sets. She said one should learn the way the business is done and the way communication is done.
She also said that some women may prefer to take break and taking a break is not a problem but they should learn the new technologies online and find flexible opportunities. Lastly she said "one final thing, Do not give up, Keep learning"

Ms. Ivy’s husband is running a software company and she is blessed with a son and a daughter. After listening to Ms. IVY We conclude that where there is a Will, There is a Way is Old one and the new one is where there is Will, There is Skill.

We thank the IT veteran for sharing her experience with us.