I think women have more techniques to handle the pressure better than men actually

Jayalakshmi Thirugyanam, Director, Ascenders technologies


How you started your career?

My entry to IT was just an accident. I started my career in the education field teaching spoken English at Sabari college. For me it was academic, education, dealing with the young people and interacting with children. My life was probably revolving around answer sheets and question paper. And I have taken sabbatical from work. In that break I had done my full time PhD course in Chepauk for English. Meanwhile my husband decided to start a software company, I got into IT quite unwillingly. After two years only I realized about IT, it is a beautiful experience. My previous thought about IT industry has been changed.


Bull in a tea shop

In initial stage I thought lT field was so difficult, but it was so different and it was exciting. At about 40 years when I got into IT industry I was a total fresher. It was quite embarrassing, I was picking up the ropes just learning the business but when you are in particular field you are expected to know the jargon the terms. The people in the industry used the exclusive phrases. I was quite out of all that industry like bull in a tea shop. Completely out of place. Then I started to learn and it has been very satisfying being in a IT industry.


Role in Ascenders

I take care of internal operations, deliveries. I concentrate more on the HR outsourcing division of a company. We are basically in IT consulting and services company, purely into that and we are also into the HR outsourcing. So we have a small division for recruiters. Who recruit people for various IT companies. I concentrate more on soft skills when I am recruiting freshers. If you looking out for the employment for your friend you do just like that, but here its been done as a business. Then we are also in the business of recruiting people and mainly matching skills to the requirement on hand. So its like a match making process actually.


Academic and education background

My primary education up to high school was in the Indian school, Kuwait. After that I studied for one year in SBOA and I did 10th, 11th and 12th in St. John's senior secondary school. It is called junior college at that time. I had great privilege of taking treat in madras Christian college and I did my BA English literature in MCC and continue to do my MA in MCC after that I got married. After some years I did my B.Ed from Annamalai university in correspondence. Later I did my M.Phill in MCC in English language teaching and perusing and am trying pursue my PhD . Its a on going process, I have just enrolled for the online MBA.


Family values

My family has been very very honest all the time. We needed to tell that the whole truth as it is or we just shut up and we don't say anything at all. I cannot tolerate dishonesty at all, I cannot tolerate lies, because I cannot tell lies also. Its funny because I have to lie at some point. So I have in certain circumstances being forced to lie, its not pleasant experience at all. My father was a very honest person. He was a technical supervisor in government of Kuwait. He has been born and brought up in there for quite sometime. And we came to India probably in my ninth standard. So till that I was educated there. It has been nice way of life, very cosmopolitan, lots of friends. That is why I took my Master degree in English skills, because it is such a cosmopolitans society. We had all sorts of Indians over there, different languages, different cultures. So the only way of communicating was English.


Work life balance

When I was a teacher, its fixed timings and had lovely vacations. So all these things I had enjoyed and now that vacations are out of the question. Fixed timings are definitely out of question. I am into research, so I try to make it up at the weekend and when I come back from work I make it a point to talk to my children. We talk and watch movies together and make it a point to have a dinner with my children everyday, because I miss out on the breakfast. So all are separated during lunch. So dinner time is very very important for me and my children. I make it a point to come home and cook something nice.


I have two teenage kids. My daughter is doing her BDS, I won't interfere much in her studies. She is capable of taking care of herself. My son is a different case. He is Studying 9th. He is not fascinated about academics, his interest is into sports, TV, movies. So we are very sure that they are in teenage, every now and then they keep reminding me that they are not kids and that they are teenagers.



How do you relax yourself?

I go for early morning walks. I love to go long walk because my mind keeps thinking always. I listen to music while I walk. I like cooking, I enjoy cooking. Best relaxation is talking to the children. I love doing things with my children and I get them involved in the cooking also. My son cuts the vegetables for me. Its nice to stand in the kitchen with children and I talk with them. I love to watch movie with them, I really enjoy it.


Most happiest moments

The happiest moment in my life is after the birth of my children. The minute I saw my children that was amazing. Another very happiest moment was I achieved a life time dream. I had written a book, I am just waiting to get published. Its a fiction and the title it is “here I am”. So these are the happiest moments.



Tips to develop communication skills for freshers

Communication skills are something that people should want to develop. It something comes from within. If a person have a job in which he/she required to communicate. So that person will be make sure that he/she communicate correctly.


For example, a blog is a good communication tool, you can communicate anything on the blog, but you should make sure that what you want to communicate and are you doing that correctly. So these are things people should take in consideration.


Communication is very essential and it depends on the industry. For example, English is mandate in the industry and you are required to speak it. Obviously you have to develop those language skills. When you are using language skills effectively which means that your communicating effectively.


Tips to develop English Language skills

There are number of ways to develop language skills. Most of the ways were tried and tested. For example, a TV program could be a good exposure. One of the most Important technique is “you should think in that language”. If you want to learn language you watch people speak, you listen to people speak, you start thinking in that particular language, correct yourself. This is a process or an activity that you should do on regular basis. Give your time and say everyday “this 1 hour I am going to devote to thinking in English” and you begin to think in English and you will see what progress you are making. If you try it out, I am sure you will succeed. Anybody can succeed in these things.


Company finds faults on candidates after they are selected by recruiters

That means the recruitment process was wrong, something was wrong in the process, because you should have identified all the skills before recruiting the person. So, recruiters jobs are tremendously value add, they have lot of value by actually screening people by touching on the communication skills, touching on their soft skills, touching on their technical skills, all these skills are screened properly and then only the matches made. Of course just like real life when you are match making with boy and girl you see all the ten matches that has to be make out and they say its good even if one are two goes wrong. It possible for something could wrong later also.


How to present in HR round?


  • You have to present the right attitude, its not just question of presenting, you must have the right attitude to reflect it. Attitude is something that people should take very seriously.

  • You should have both technical and communication skills.

  • Communication skills should be very good.

  • They would have done one or two courses externally to help enhance their fields and all that but they must show the right attitude by willing to learn and willing to take responsibility.

  • They must have this attitude of taking responsibilities for their jobs. If they take up a job they must give their 100% put themselves into the job, they must work heart and soul.


How the HR tests good attitude?

Psychometric test are conducted in order to find how you are mentally inclined or how your attitude is taken access, but this can be done quite rarely. Normally HR interact with the the potential candidate and during the interaction itself they find the attitude of the candidate.

Right attitude towards a job is very important, its like matter of getting a job or it is a matter of building a career. If it is a matter of building a career then fresher should not have any constraint about salary, because this is the stepping stone to the future. When you are gaining something you may have to sacrifice everything, you may have to sacrifice the fancy salary and fancy designation, you may have to sacrifice a lot of free time and these are things of sacrifices meet to be made in order to climb up the success ladder. So this kind of attitude is very important for youngsters, freshers especially.


How to improve the attitude?

Being committed to work, being dedicated to your organization.

For example, When people changing their job they should tell the truth for the change, instead blaming the employers or the organization. If they blame others then it is called bad attitude.


To improve skills


  • Awareness is very important

  • Communicate correctly and effectively

  • Do your self analysis and constantly review it

  • Analyze your strengths and weakness

  • Admit your weakness

  • Take your strengths to the next level

  • Be honest to yourself.

  • Find out which is your passion, experience it

  • Explore different activities

  • Learn something new, take the chance, take the risk


How to handle pressure


I think women have more techniques to handle the pressure better than men actually. The inner strength is more for women rather then men. Men have physical strength, but for us that emotional strength is something great. We should tap forward the potentials in that. We can handle the pressure of family and the same time excel in our jobs. Women are very good in that, todays' women are amazing.


Men have compartments in their brain. Family is one compartment, job is one compartment, children are other compartment. Everything they have nicely put into the compartment. When they are in the job they are in job compartment, doing only got the job. When they are in the family they are in the family compartments. They have compartment for wife also. But women are not like that. We are just one compartment everything is inside that is why we are getting stress. We should keep personal life is personal life, professional life is professional.


You must have the strength to do self analysis, so you should be able to review your own performance. When you are with your family give it your 100% and when you are in job give it your 100%. This is the very good tip for the young IT women fresher. But always make sure that both family and job should be balanced. You should have give equal time for family.


Message to young IT women fresher


  • Analyze your weakness and strengths.

  • Find out the opportunities.

  • Be total professional when you are in work.

  • Work with team.

  • Take responsibility and be accountable.

  • Go forward,volunteer and show your management

  • Communicate your ideas.

  • Practice your communication skills.