I don't want to wait for a moment to be happy

If there is one best industry in this world, that can't even be compared with any other highest degree of profession, that is the spiritual world. You will lose anything for that!  Nothing could stop Shanthi Vaagmi, Co-founder, Dharana Software Innovations Private Limited, when she decided to become a Isha full time volunteer.

Education & Career

Shanthi is born and brought up in Pondicherry. She holds a B Tech degree from Pondichery University. She bagged her first job through campus interview from Wipro as System Engineer. She then moved on work with a startup company and subsequently to Slash support. Later she joined SAP labs where she for worked for about 5 years as Associate Architect – Quality Management.

Meantime, her husband Vaagmi was very interested in starting his own company. In the year 2009, Shanthi along with her husband, had a tieup with another partner and started  Artha42 Innovations Private Limited, but later on the couple started their own company  Dharana Software Innovations Private Ltd.  “Artha42 focused on software services and Dharana focused on software products and we focused primarily on the domestic market”.

Women couldn't put more time into corporate once they get into a stance of taking care of themselves and child as well. She has taken a short break, her baby Urjasvitha is 3 months old. “Dharana software is not fully closed, but the operations are closed, vaagmi may go in to consulting. Right now shanthi is in chennai. Her parents are in pondicherry. “My mother has come from pondicherry to take care of me. Right now i am in chennai, then and there I go to pondicherry.”


Challenges of working in a corporate

Shanthi faced lot many challenges in her work life. “I was laidoff from my first job, Wipro. It was a very difficult time for jobseekers due to recession. I attended several interviews but it was a great challenge to find a job. I realized if we can sharpen our technical skills we can clear the interviews. Then is when I was able to get a job as a software developer with a startup firm US Computing. And being an entrepreneur is even more challenging” exclaims Shanthi.

Corporate life vs. Entrepreneurship

With years of experience in corporate and being an entrepreneur as well, Shanthi says, “In corporate life you can have defined tasks. You just have to do your job, everything else is taken care of. And you know one thing for sure, at the end of the month you will get your pay. But in entrepreneurial life you have to think everyday about the next step. You have to plan and execute and you will carry a huge responsibility. You will be a successful entrepreneur if you have a challenging mindset.”

Social Responsibilities

Shanthi's parents have inculcated social responsibilities right from her young age. On her birthdays, her parents would take her to orphanages, slum schools and do donations. That has deep rooted in to shanthi's mind to be of help people in some ways. Now they run a trust which is is taking care for orphans and their education. We have library for them, we conducted computer classes and English class as well. “We also give athlete training for them. One of the girl got placed in Engineering college through sports quota”, shanthi got excited when she said this.

For Shanthi, the day can't start with out doing yoga.“I want to dedicate myself into Isha full time volunteering. Usually Isha Volunteers will go for job and do service in parallel. But if I say full time volunteer, I might have to go to ashram and do that, but I have a kid, so I may not be able to stay in ashram, but I want to full focus in to Isha. I want to become a yoga teacher or volunteering in any other area.”

Tips to freshers
Good communication skills and most importantly technical skills, we look from a fresher. So basically we asked them to code, but they were not able to code. It is so surprising to see people who finished engineering can't write a very simple logical problem! I would blame our educational system, they don't help students to show their creativity, they torture them in academic marks and percentage, and the natural ability of the individual is lost.