It is not that what we achieve what we gave to other always matter

“Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model”, there are people who strive to build efficient leaders by their good quality teaching. Avani is the one who learned from a wise mentor and applying the good qualities in her life. Avani Bondalapati, Director, A&D consultancy services provides technical and soft-skill training's and provides manpower for both IT & Non-IT clients for onsite and offshore.

Avani was well trained by her professor, Kumar, who taught her how to see the things and not  get carried away with the problems. After completion of her MBA she did her first project in TTK Pharmaceuticals, where she was well supported by the seniors and learned many things from them on her professional career. After that she got her first Job where she did marketing and conducted events. She had to quit her job to move to Germany for her sister’s treatment, so she started learning German language parallely. She did her Oracle financials course in an institute from where she got an opportunity to work on a German based project and got a chance to travel to Germany for 2 months period.

German experience!

Avani had a tough time in Germany but she was able survive there for many years. Actually she went there in a 2 months visa as a technical person, but she got help from her Manager and extended her visa. She expressed her interest of working in management activities and few of her friends helped her to get a Job. She spent 3 years in Germany and came back to India after doctors concluded no medicine for that particular disease. After 2 years of working here she took long break for CIVIL service examinations, she got selected in IPS but failed to get IFS which she really targeted. After that she again started her career as a freelancer, she shared the things whatever she learned to the college students as visiting faculty. She did many workshops with her own material on various management areas thus she had learned more when she shared more and enjoyed her teaching. During that time she got married with the person whom she knew for more than 10 years, waiting for her long time. After her marriage they got settled down in Chennai.

Avani shares the difference between German and Indian office culture where former has flexibility in timing, strict ethics, more values to employee and employees are measured by results not by hours spent in office. “They won’t disturb their work by talking with others something, that's why, they can complete the task in limited hours” says Avani. She also had concern that most of the Indian companies do not provide clear job roles and responsibilities, this result in lot of personal and emotional bondage during appraisals. She had a high challenge in facing these kinds of HR issues after practicing 3 years in Germany where the appraisals are based on achievements which are well managed in system.


“Women know what they want to do but still they can’t due to lack of belief. So believe in yourself, take the information from internet, and if not sufficient take advice from senior people and do your home work. Freshers should believe in you to take decision and most important thing is not to quit anything by simply listening to others” says Avani.

Interview tips

“Don’t get into fear during interviews, don’t come with a pre-mindset, don’t assume and let it happen and don’t come to interview with other person's experiences. Improve your attitude and identify your own strength and weakness.” is her advice.

Avani's strength is that she can understand the people well. Swimming, walking, meditation and music are the practices she follows regularly to overcome stress.